The Significance Of Regular Data Center Cleaning

Melbourne Data centers have reported potential issues like data loss and media errors due to dust and particulates interference with the electronic equipment resulting to severe downtimes. The best way to prevent such careless downtimes in your data center is to prevent issues before they occur. And this is only possible if the data center is cleaned regularly.

Exterior cleaning of the upper floors, cabinets, and frames, subfloors, pedestals, interior equipment spaces and under floor plenum should be cleaned at regular intervals to maximize service life of equipment. Cleaning the dirt and dust also provides sufficient airflow to the server fan and reduces the thermal performance of the server and server components, which reduces your cooling needs.


Some areas and components of data centers show a greater affinity for dirt and dust. Therefore, make sure your Melbourne commercial cleaning program includes:


Disaster recovery cleaning

  • Subfloor encapsulation to remove concrete powder dust particles
  • Regular vacuuming
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Subfloor area cleaning and sealing before equipment installation
  • Tin and Zinc whisker remediation
  • Damp wiping
  • Subfloor deck seal and cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Above-floor vacuuming
  • Environmental audits
  • Machine anti-static and scrubbing cleaning of raised floors.


There are various standards like, IEST, Federal Stan 209e, NFPA, ASHRA, RFI, ISO, that protect data centers from static, particulate, heat sources and network signals causing fires, and disastrous and indoor pollution, downtime to companies. There are standards for microscopic dust limits that you should pay attention to.

Be sure to use standard commercial cleaning equipment and that the cleaning processes do not hinder the daily operations of the data center. If you are thinking about hiring a commercial cleaning service, make sure to look into their standards, quality of service, previous experience in the field, and guarantees offered in case of damages. You should also make sure this is compliant.