The SE-Corp team are true professionals

The SE-Corp team are true professionals and organise the best possible events. There are many summits, but they create a positive environment which enables delegates to discuss freely and openly about concerns and issues - something many organisers aim for but only a very few achieve.”

Carsten Boeckmann, Ovum MD ANZ

In 2016 the 4th Australian Data Centre Strategy Summit will evolve to become ‘The Australian DC & Cloud Strategy Summit’

Harness the collective intelligence of your peers, share best practice, trade war stories with Australia’s largest IT users and Data Centre eco-system and plan for success.

Dozens of new Data Centres online and thousands of corporates moving services to the cloud. Most large enterprise and government IT departments are consolidating but face ever-increasing capacity, latency and availability demands. Communication across the entire value chain is required – from Data Centre operator and 3rd party providers to Infrastructure leaders and IT users – to bridge the gaps and ensure best outcomes – not just for individual services but for the wider Australian Data Centre industry and its ability to compete as a regional hub.

Over 40 Keynotes, Roundtables, Collaborative Think-Tanks, 1-1 meetings, Exhibition and Workshops across a unique 40 hour event.

A Shifting Landscape of increasingly Complex and Dynamic Architectures

The Summit endeavours to align the requirements of IT users with those resources being made available by DC builders and operators.

Topics will be tackled from a C-level stakeholder perspective, with presentations covering common political, eco-system, future technology and capacity issues.

These will be complemented by deep-dive sessions and private roundtables to allow each delegate to tailor their specific event content.

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