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    Your Network

    Peer-to-peer: Share best practice

    Over 250 DC, Cloud and IT leaders onsite. Benchmark and validate your thinking. Reach better outcomes through peer networking.

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    Thought Leadership

    Strategic delegate driven content

    Our Advisory Council, Strategic partners leading minds work to create the most engaging and useful programme.

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    Star Keynotes

    Learn from the world’s best

    Flown in from all corners, we bring the most relevant speakers to address and deliver a variety of Cloud and Data Centre keynotes.

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    Informal Networking

    Relax and build lasting relationships

    Our summits are structured to deliver plenty of time and space for building your real-life social network in an atmosphere of creativity.

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    Intelligent Match-making Aligns Stakeholders

    Structured and pre-Qualified 1-1 meetings between delegates and relevant Strategic Partners lead to successful outcomes for all.

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Australian Cloud & DC Strategy Summit

5th Australian Cloud & Data Centre Strategy Summit (ACDC)

Harness the collective intelligence of your peers, share best practice, trade war stories with Australia’s largest IT users and Data Centre eco-system and plan for success.

Dozens of new Data Centres online and thousands of corporates moving services to the cloud. Most large enterprise and government IT departments are consolidating but face ever-increasing capacity, latency and availability demands. Communication across the entire value chain is required – from Data Centre operator and 3rd party providers to Infrastructure leaders and IT users – to bridge the gaps and ensure best outcomes – not just for individual services but for the wider Australian Data Centre industry and its ability to compete as a regional hub.

Over 40 Keynotes, Roundtables, Collaborative Think-Tanks, 1-1 meetings, Exhibition and Workshops across a unique 40 hour event.

A Shifting Landscape of increasingly Complex and Dynamic Architectures

The Summit endeavours to align the requirements of IT users with those resources being made available by DC builders and operators.

Topics will be tackled from a C-level stakeholder perspective, with presentations covering common political, eco-system, future technology and capacity issues.

These will be complemented by deep-dive sessions and private roundtables to allow each delegate to tailor their specific event content.

To gain full site access – please email Jim.Berry@SE-Corp.com.au


  • “The only event I attend. The others pitch to a lower level audience.”


  • “The Content is the right scale, and the right people are here.”


  • “The best Data Centre Conference in the AP region.”


  • “The best event I’ve been to in 10 years.”


  • “By far the best compared to those I attend globally”


  • “Gets slicker every year. Top delegates. Very professional.”


  • “Great event. Always delivers. Quality people. Improving every year.”


  • “Great networking tool. Quality attendees from the entire DC market.”

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  • “The Agenda’s been great, comprehensive in nature and topical.”


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